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Women Uniforms and Medical Scrubs


Just because you must wear a uniform to work does not mean you have to look boring. With our wide selection of ladies’ uniforms, you will be able to look your best and feel confident, while adhering to the dress code of your employer. From scrubs to pantsuits and everything in between, we offer a wide selection of pieces that are perfect for all types of working environments.

We have you covered from head to toe with caps, pants, tops, scrubs, and much more. We offer the top names in medical uniform gear like Carolyn Design, Joanne Martin, Simon Chang, and Mobb. It is our pleasure to provide you with the most beautiful styles and the highest level of quality in uniform gear.

We understand you are busy with the demands of your job and do not have the time to visit brick and mortar stores, only to find they are lacking in the styles, colors, and the sizes they offer. From the comfort of your home, you can shop anytime and always find something new and beautiful to purchase.

While being forced to wear a uniform for work sometimes feels very limiting, the beautiful pieces in our collection will help you to feel stylish and confident whether wearing them on the job or outside of work.

Browse our extensive collection of ladies’ uniform pieces today and discover how beautiful uniform looks can be when they are created by professional designers who know how to tastefully dress a woman. We consistently bring in new pieces, so check back often to view our selection and enhance your professional wardrobe, to always look your very best on the job.


Nurse’s Caps

Those working in the medical field are often required to wear nurse’s caps, especially if they work on the surgical floor. Mobb is one of the most trusted names in medical wear and we offer their plain white cap or you can choose to express your personal style with their unisex deluxe surgeon’s cap which is available in assorted prints. These comfortable caps feature a moisture band and tie-back design for extreme comfort.


Work Aprons

Kitchen work can sometimes be a messy job and most kitchen staff members are required to wear an apron to keep themselves looking neat and professional. Our Carolyn Design aprons are perfect for protecting your clothing while maintaining a professional appearance. We offer two different styles that are available in grey, white, and black. We also offer a waterproof apron that is ideal for those who want to truly keep themselves from liquid messes. These aprons are comfortable and stylish and are ideal for many employment positions.


Capris Pants

Capris are the perfect pants for those who are on the go. If your job requires you to move around a lot, these capris are ideal for comfort. Capris pants are available in solid black, so they will work perfectly with a variety of types, colors, and designs of scrub and uniform tops for ladies working in many different professions. Capri pants keep you cool and comfortable, no matter the rigorous demands of the job.


Uniform Dresses

The medical field requires different types of uniforms, depending on the work an employee is required to carry out. In some hospitals and medical buildings, dresses are a requirement. Our Joanne Martin tailored dress is a gorgeous piece that is available in white and black. When wearing this dress to work, you will not feel as if you are stuck in a boring uniform. We also offer scrub dresses and patient nightgowns. All of our dresses come in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect one to meet your needs.


Uniform Jackets

If you are looking for style and comfort in Women's uniform jackets, you have certainly come to the right place. Here, you will find tons of choices and beautiful designer looks that will make you feel stylish and confident. Our designer uniform jackets allow women to look their best while being able to properly adhere to their workplace uniform requirements. From classic black fitted blazers to collared stretch jackets, there is a wide range to choose from. Carolyn Design offers some of the most amazing looks that are ideal for the many workplace roles a woman takes on.

We also carry Joanne Martin designs that are available in lab coat styles, long tunics, and smart blazer designs. These stylish pieces keep you looking crisp and professional throughout the workday. Our stunning uniform jackets are so stylish, you may find yourself wearing them outside of your job because they pair beautifully with so many styles, including pants and skirts.

Our line of Simon Chang uniform jackets is made to impress with stylish designs and true comfort. Check out our Simon Chang lab coats and sweater jackets to keep women looking their very best on the job. From extra small to extra large and beyond, you will be able to find the perfect size for the ideal fit.

Head to toe uniforms collection of uniform jackets would not be complete without the comfort and simplicity of Mobb wear. We offer styles that are perfect for both winter and warmer months of the year, so employees will always feel comfortable while being able to keep their style and adherence to workplace demands.


Uniform Pants

Many jobs in the medical profession require women to wear comfortable medical and nursing scrub pants that meet the dress code. Scrubs are a popular choice and we offer a range of choices from companies such as Carolyn Design, Joanne Martin, Mobb, and Excel. Being required to wear a uniform does not mean you must give up comfort and personal style.

Our scrub pants and other workplace uniform pants come in a huge variety of colors, so you can perfectly match your uniform tops and bottoms for unique looks. From skinny pants to roomy stretch pants, these uniform choices are comfortable and allow you to remain on the go without feeling as if you are confined.


Medical Lab Coats

Our selection of women s lab coats and men's Lab Coats are made of attractive yet utilitarian materials that keep you both safe and comfortable. Available in a variety of lengths and sizes from Lab coats brand like Mobb Medical, Excel, Carolyn Design, Simon Chang, and Design Joanne Martin. Our Lab Coats collection has been considered a high-end option for medical professionals of all specialties like Doctors, Nurses, dentists, Lab professionals, and medical students. Featuring advanced performance features and premium functionality, these lab coats are specifically tailored to suit all body types.


Scrub Pant Suits

Whether you work in a medical office or on the patient floor, Scrub sets are typically the uniform of choice for medical professionals. Mobb is a trusted name in scrub wear which is why we offer their scrubs for our customers. These durable scrubs are the most comfortable you will ever wear and they offer a unique style that is appropriate and functional for the workplace. The criss-cross design scrubs are available in 12 beautiful colors. We also feature the classic V-neck design that is available in tons of color choices. If you like, we can provide embroidery services for name and title, to add a professional touch to any uniform look chosen.

Uniform Prints

If you prefer a little more pizazz to the look of your uniform scrubs, we offer prints that will speak to your inner fashionista. With our line of Mobb print designs, you will not be forced to stick to plain designs. Allow your sparkle and style to shine forth on the job. These designs are available in 100% cotton, so they are able to offer supreme comfort that moves and bends with you. You will be amazed at the level of comfort and style these printed uniform tops offer.


Ladies Scrubs

Scrubs are required in a variety of different professions because they are simple, comfortable, and affordable. When your job requires wearing scrub sets, you have many choices available to you. Mobb provides a myriad of styles, colors, and options in their scrub wear and we love offering them to our customers at an affordable price.

From sporty to more sophisticated prints, we have you covered. Mobb offers an extensive array of bright and beautiful colors and prints that will speak to any woman’s style. We invite you to survey the vast collection today to find scrubs that can be worn on any job, any day of the week.



Uniform Skirts

Working in a medical office often requires a woman to dress to impress in skirts and more formal office attire. Carolyn Design and Joanne Martin are two designer names that women can trust to provide them with beautiful uniform collections that are stylish and modern in design. We offer long, short, and flared styles that are flawless in design and beautiful enough to be worn outside of the office. These skirt choices help you remain looking professional all throughout your workday. They pair beautifully with our uniform tops that are available in many colors and design choices.


Uniform Tops

Coupling the perfect top with uniform pants or skirts is important for maintaining a polished and professional look, no matter your employment position. With designer names like Carolyn Design, Joanne Martin, and Simon Chang, we have you perfectly covered. These gorgeous tops allow for stylish designs without exceeding the limits of uniform expectations.

Our uniform tops are available in tunic styles, jacket looks, and sleeveless options. They can be worn alone or with undershirts to complete the professional look. These tops and T-shirts are available in many designs and colors, so you will want to purchase more than one for a new look each day of the week. From formal to more casual looks, you are sure to find just the style you are looking for.