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Men Uniform Jackets

Employee Uniforms Create a Professional Image

What are some of the key factors to success in business? Ask this question to ten people, and you might get ten slightly different answers. It is a difficult question to answer because so much of the answer relies upon factors that aren’t clearly defined in the question. Two things that can help any business have success are projecting a professional image, and promoting a company brand. These two things can be accomplished much more easily and effectively if a company provides employee uniforms. Uniforms help employees stand out as professionals, and they are often seen as more competent and knowledgeable when wearing a company uniform. There are a variety of uniform styles available, and many are tailored to specific industries like those available at Head to Toe Uniforms.

Men’s Uniform Jackets for the Science and Medical Industries

The science and medical fields are two areas where uniforms have been common for quite some time. Uniforms in both of these fields promote a level of professionalism to all people that enter into the work spaces. There is also an element of solidarity that can be promoted amongst staff when uniforms are worn. At Head to Toe Uniforms, there are several options for men that may need a lab coat or consultation jacket. Embroidery is available on all the uniform jackets on either sleeve, or on the right chest.

Doctors, physicians assistants and other medical personnel typically have a white jacket or coat as part of their work uniform. The coats help to identify the medical staff and separate them out from the rest of the people in the facility. These coats also typically have several pockets to hold work related materials, and they help keep the clothes underneath the coat clean throughout the work day.

A popular option for men is a full length lab coat with either snaps or buttons in the front. These coats come in a wide range of sizes from XXS through 4XL which makes it possible for the majority of men to find a size that will work. These coats provide the most coverage of existing clothes to help keep them clean throughout the work day. The full length coats are also on the less expensive end of the spectrum coming in right around $30. These coats also provide two patch pockets, a chest pocket, and side slits that allow access through the oat.

Another option for men in the science or medical fields is the ¾ length lab coat. These coats can provide a bit more freedom of movement due to the shorter length. The ¾ length coats have a similar size range to the full length, and they also provide the two patch pockets, one chest pocket and the side slits to be able to access pants pockets. These coats do run a bit more expensive than the full length coats, coming in around $60.

A third option is a consultation jacket, blazer or half length lab coat. These are the shortest of the coats in this section, and would all be classified as a half coat in comparison to the full and ¾ length. The consultation jacket, blazer and half length coat all have the standard patch pockets and chest pocket. The shorter jacket simply allows for a different look, and a different feel while on the job. The blazer comes in at $75, the consultation jacket at $45 and the half length coat at $25. The blazer is constructed similarly to a suit jacket which is why the price is a bit higher.

Men’s Uniform Jackets for the Hospitality and Service Industries

The expression, “Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have,” rings true for the hospitality and service industries. So much of the work in both of these areas relies on customers feeling good about the experience they have with a company. For this reason, many companies have their employees wear uniforms. These often include color coded long or short sleeve shirts. Having employees wear a uniform can help them feel good because they know they are going to be dressed for their job. Uniforms can also be that physical reminder that it is time to get focused on the task at hand and get to work.

Uniforms in the hospitality and service industries can also serve as a mobile advertisement for the company as employees are often out in the community doing work. Wearing the same or similar gear to work can also help build a sense of cohesion and unity which are both key to having success. Head to Toe Uniforms again has several options for men to help get them looking their best each and every day at work. All of the shirts mentioned below can be embroidered on either sleeve or either side on the chest.

The Carolyn Design Confident Long Sleeve shirt is a very versatile offering for a uniform. The shirt comes in either black or white and can be customized as needed with company information or employee names. The shirt is $95 and runs from sizes XS through 2XL. The best feature of this shirt is the Polyflexx material that is used to make it. This material allows for a bit of stretch in the sleeves, and keeps the shirt very light. This is also a wrinkle resistant material that will hold up well to many washings which is important in an industry with so much physical work.

The Carolyn Design Must Have and Confident tops offer a wonderful short sleeve uniform top option. These both come in black or white, and they both cost $95. They are made of the same Polyflexx material that makes them very comfortable for all day use. The Confident features a zipper in the front as opposed to buttons for men that prefer that style.

When a business chooses to have employees wear uniforms at work, they are making a choice to create a more professional image for themselves. They are making a choice to help create some solidarity and unity among the employees which will help everyone have more success at work. Finally, they are choosing to promote company pride, and in turn, build customer relationships that will help grow the business.