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Men Uniforms and Medical Scrubs


Exploring Men’s Uniform Options

In all types of medical settings, some type of uniform is generally required. For years, there have been quite a few options for women’s medical uniforms and nursing scrubs, but men’s uniforms have not been as readily available. That’s all changing, as reviewing our options will show.


Look for Style

Even though the public expects anyone employed in a medical facility to be dressed in a specific way, there is no reason everyone in the facility can’t show a bit of style. That’s why we encourage our clients to take a chance on something new to get out of that same old mold that’s commonly seen everywhere.


There is More Than One Color Available

While white still dominates the landscape when it comes to uniform and scrubs for medical professionals, it’s not the only choice. Men’s uniforms now come in the customary white but are also available in blues, tan, charcoal, and black as well. Other colors are also offered for some clothing options. That makes it possible to wear different colors during the week or for facilities to differentiate between employee types within an organization.


Discover Your Choices

Rather than needing to visit multiple sites to find needed uniform options, we’ve made it possible to provide high-quality apparel for all staff members in one location. Let’s take a moment to go through the choices currently available men’s uniforms.


  • Men’s Scrubs.  At Head to Toe, we know how easy it is to grow tired of wearing the same style of scrubs day after day. That’s why we offer traditional drawstring scrubs in solid colors but also have two-tone V-neck scrubs available as well. They’re comfortable, durable, and offer true value for anyone working in medical facilities or other areas where scrubs are appropriate attire.

  • Matching Drawstring Scrub Sets. When affordability and convenience are important, why not take advantage of these matched sets? Available in twelve colors, these unisex scrub sets will make it easy to acquire several scrub sets to guarantee clean, comfortable apparel is always available. Keeping a spare set handy is easy when they’re inexpensive and readily available.

  • Aprons. In labs, food preparation areas, and other parts of a facility, men find it convenient to wear protective aprons. Rather than ruining other clothing, select an apron to minimize the damage to your clothing.

  • Uniform Jackets. For a more polished look, many people in medical facilities choose to wear uniform coats and scrub jackets. Doing so adds an air of professionalism, but also helps wearers to stay warmer in cooler areas of a facility. Since many medical facilities are kept quite cold, adding even a single layer, like a uniform jacket, can keep wearers more comfortable throughout the workday. From the Simon Chang Men’s Classic 2 Button Blazer to the Men’s consultation jacket, there’s sure to be an appropriate option available.

  • Full-Length Lab Coats. If you’re more comfortable wearing a full-length lab coat, our Mobb Full-Length unisex option with snaps is a good choice. It’s inexpensive, comfortable to wear all day, and is available in sizes ranging from XXS to 4XL.

  • Uniform Tops. Of course, we also offer a range of men’s uniform tops and scrub tops. Traditional zipper tops, Mandarin-style shirts, Chinese tops, and V-neck options are all readily available in different sizes and colors. Don’t be satisfied wearing the same type of top every day when there are other choices that look good and provide all-day comfort.

  • Men’s Uniform scrub Pants. With cargo pant styles now so popular, we’re providing several options for our customers. The Mobb Cargo Six Pocket style, for example, is certainly worth considering. There’s plenty of space for everything you’ll typically need during a shift, and the pants are available in sizes ranging from extra small to 3XL. Different inseam lengths mean it’s easy to find uniform pants to meet your needs and fit well.

  • Surgeon’s Caps. There’s no need to be bored by solid-color, unimaginative surgeon’s caps when there are colorful options to choose from. These caps are unisex and offer color and design options anyone will love. Of course, the caps have the traditional tie-back feature and a forehead moisture band as well.

  • Lab Coats. Our women's lab coat and men's Lab Coats consist of attractive yet functional materials that keep you both safe and comfortable. Available in a variety of lengths and sizes from top Lab Coats brands like Mobb Medical, Excel, Carolyn Design, Simon Chang, and Design Joanne Martin. Our Lab Coats collection is currently a high-end option for medical professionals of all specialties like Doctors, Nurses, dentists, Lab professionals, and medical students. Featuring advanced performance features and premium functionality, these lab coats are specifically tailored to suit all body types.

Since your needs tend to evolve over time and styles change, we keep updating our men’s uniform options to meet our customer’s demands. That means we’ll always be looking for new and innovative ways to design and construct the uniforms we provide.


Uniforms are Easy to Maintain

Our men’s uniforms are designed for easy maintenance. Fabrics are long-lasting, as stain resistant as possible, and hold their shapes even after many cleanings. That means your clothing investment is protected for far longer than some uniform options currently available from other sources.


Personalize Your Uniforms

Everyone likes to feel a little special. Personalized uniforms can make that happen. It also makes it easier for anyone in the facility to be more comfortable dealing with staff members, as names can easily be added to many of our men’s uniform options.

When adding an embroidered name to a uniform top, our customers choose from a variety of fonts and colors. The wearer’s name and title are often added, which provides a level of professionalism that’s likely to make everyone more comfortable.

Custom-embroidered names also eliminate the need for wearing name tags that can easily interfere with care delivery or other facility functions. That’s an added level of personal safety for everyone involved. Personalization of uniforms also makes it easier to avoid mixing up belongings.


Stay Within Your Budget

At Head to Toe Uniforms, we know that staying within a budget is always important. That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to offer a range of price points for our customers. Of course, even our least-expensive options deliver the quality and durability our customers have grown to expect. Take the time to check the different men’s uniform options and it will be clear your uniform needs are not being ignored.


Ordering is Easy

No one wants to waste time ordering any type of products. We’ve tried to make it easy for you to order uniforms with or without customized embroidery, and we’re dedicated to delivering the best service in the industry. If you’ve got questions or concerns, we’re here to help.